There is no fixed way to do this but acceptance is the biggest part of living. By this I mean when you accept yourself, the flaws, the attributes, the weirdest, the coolness, the good the bad and the insane you give yourself the right to be happy. Acceptance is one of those things which can unfortunately be bought in this world by various means. It is a theme that runs in the stories of all our lives. We want to be accepted by our friends, families, significant other s, so called important people. We all grave it. But what makes acceptance so desirable what about it makes someone suppress themselves to fit into the puzzle of society?  The answer is the need to belong.
As msms we all suffer with the burden of being accepted some more than others though, this insatiable need for acceptance sometimes or most of the times allow us to settle , not even settle but to ironically ACCEPT things we do not deserve. Msm often subject themselves to what I would call sub human conditioning treatment, where in which one allows themselves to be treated badly or unfairly as a sacrifice to be accepted. As this continues there is a conditioning of the mind of the individual which leads a grave misplacement of their values systems: beating me is ok cuz if he doesn’t slap me now and again its not love, if he cheat we tolerate as one sees themselves in that person and not as a separate entity, unprotected sense is ok because I trust him…… these are all very sad cases but they all have the same root the need to be accepted.
Msm of all walks of life need to learn this important tool of empowerment. Being in the attractor factor taught me this skill session after session after session. You have to love you first and loving you first means accepting you first. So then it leads me to conclude LOVE IS ACCEPTANCE…. And if we truly do not accept ourselves wholeheartedly we indirectly give others the right to not value us, to not respect, nor view us as confident because we have not accepted ourselves….. just like the other intrinsic qualities of forgiveness and virtue accept yourself. Look to your worth and have confidence in all the dimensions of your existence. NOT ACCEPTING YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE IS THE BIGGEST HUMAN ERROR AS YOU CAN BE NO ONE ELSE BUT YOURSELF.  Love you all.

Sweet Enigma
Group Multifaceted

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