And Then There Was May 6

Wherever we are on this day our interest and the insatiable thirst for empowerment leads us here. Walking to the “Safe Space” on a Sunday became the route to my second home. Between the hours of 2 to 5 or more realistically 3 to 7 hehe.. have been some of the most enlightening hours of my life. So here goes I enter the complex the environs welcome me with the raspy tone of voice hehehe, struts like a CHAMPION on my way to the door where I press the buzzer and do my routine impatient face as I open the door to my home and went inside. As I entered I give my Mr World walk and distorted my face with traces of sadness so they could pour out more love cuz I just can’t get inuf… smiles…. I make my way to the register I am the 3rd one there.

This building is the place where I unraveled some of my deepest and most silly thoughts and actions. Like a school yard each section of the compound has a particular memory attached to hit and as I walk I enter a living slide show subsisting with my current actions as my thoughts play out in retrospect. May 6, familiar faces, closes friends, laughs, jokes, convos and all the works. We are safe, secured and confident with ourselves…. Everything is right with the world until it is announced that this is our last meeting in a session as a group of this nature. The picture slowly darkened and I became sad and upset>>>>> but before that

We had a very interesting relay which is in keeping with everything we do there>>> this race was geared to highlight the importance of knowing your state of affairs when engaging in sexual activity or in all spheres of life. We had to run and touch the tip of a dildo and run around it 10 times then we proceeded to the end of the room to touch our team mates hand who will do just the same. This was extremely funny because when one was finished running around the dildo 10 times (this was a race so they really went hard) they would be dizzy on running towards their team mates. Some fell, others looked disorientated (which they were) and some were enjoying the child like quality of being dizzy. As I watched I looked on and realized that these people are my family, not only were we learning a valuable lesson, we were bonding not just as msms but as males as humans in a natural state. As the members of the anchor legs set off they had to run around the dildo 20 times lol to their demise, by the time they reached 10 they became dizzy and watching after that was hilarious. When they were finished, it was their task to put on the condom on their dildo properly. This was no easy task but each finalist did it>>> lets just say to varying degrees of success. A discussion ensued there after about the high risks involved when one does not know their state of affairs esp when intoxicated. We learnt abt how msms sometimes put themselves at risk because they dntknw when its too much, they dntknw their portions while drinking.

Sunday was a reflection and I could just feel and see it in everyone’s faces. This is it. I wish we could all repeat you knw, a season 2 of cohort 2. That has a nice ring to it. We reflected on how the 5 precious stones have impacted our outlook on relationships and it was evident that people had grown sooo much during the programme. We then evaluated all the facilitators and did our final evaluation sheet. The atmosphere is the rooms was comforting, my outlook on the programme coming to an end changed and it was all positive and grateful thoughts flowing through my head.

The attractor factor has spearheaded a new chapter of development in our lives. One filled with the theme of empowerment, things such as what I think abt myself is more important that what others think of me, if I change my perception, I change my reality, will all positively stain our hearts. The attractor factor always stressed positivity which is its signature this made me really appreciative of who I am a person and to value those around me. Broadcasts such as the Secret and the Dl chronicles taught us life lessons in a creative way. I now know that I need not be stupid or what but 100% safe.

May 6 made me appreciate the diverse cohort member s that I have, the human condition is becoming clearer to me as I leave with a piece of each of their stories. Looking in their eyes for that session made sure of that. We are not just Cohort 2 but a group of young men dedicated to the cause of self worth. They will forever be my friends, brothers and I love them all dearly. This has been an experience totally characterized by our growth and willingness coupled with the beautiful people we call our facilitators. It was destiny why we experience vulnerability and joy together.
May 6 was a beautiful day, after the session we worked within our groups for our graduation this Sunday. It will be the time when we officially leave the programme but permanently seal our experiences together. As we left May 6, we earned the right to say we are family, an empowered one. Sunday will be fun sooo see you guys there for our final hooorah!!!

Sweet Enigma

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