Can I Be A Christian MSM?


Never have I ever felt this way. My life has changed and I am conflicted with the world, flesh and spirituality. The right reason I feel inside and I am cognizant of all the things that should be done but it’s very hard and it strengthens the guilt which I experience when I know the right but justifiably do the wrong.  It’s really a conflict of interest the flesh and the spirit. My life is continuously proving that this issue is the hardest and most inevitable in one’s life. In every living soul called human which subsists with the natural world, has its own unique way of exhibiting this inherent mortal issue which many people because of their religious brevity or better yet ignorance do not know they have this problem. It is an issue of psychological and spiritual warfare. To the average or reasonable man religion Is just a way of acknowledging that there is a Supreme Being who created us and lays down our destiny which must come to pass. But I was not always of this view.

Religion for me was indescribable, something permeating the natural and spiritual world a way of life but essential something enigmatic but ironically it is simple but it is not thus furthering the point of it being an enigma……  Religion has always been semi important in my life in that, I acknowledge its importance but the extent to which I thought about this invariable entity was very close to none at all. For when I do think of it, I often leave my mind confused with less appreciation for its importance.

Religion and being an msn seems to be at polar odds according to the theoretic. But is it really?, speaking in strictly Christian terms books such as Leviticus, Romans and Corinthians seem to profess the truth abt the incompatibility of being an msm and experiencing the unending love of the creator. Being in the attractor factor have cracked a little hole where the light of revelation dawned upon me. GOD LOVES AND CANNOT HATE THEREFORE GOD LOVES ME FOR WHOM I AM. Quite the revelation huh…?? But in its truest sense I often ignored Christianity because I thought that we were estranged relatives due to my attraction to men.  But to be frank that’s bull…. I was still in the dark of how love is and how God is and if taken from the vantage point that GOD LOVES AND CANNOT HATE….. Then why do I allow mere human beings to control my thoughts and prescribe my actions like the good old pharmacist.

The relationship between you and your supreme being in whatever way you conceive that person to be is perfect, do not let anyone derail and invalidate your belief system. I still say to each his own and I have planted a seed of newness and of spiritual reproductivity, a fertile mind to conceive thoughts that will uplift me and give birth to actions that are enabling to myself and in my interactions. As MSMs we must claim our rights to Christianity as we all have an equal interest in the property of the Almighty and I dont wanna get all father Moses on but just knw your worth and have faith in whomever you believe in……. As an MSM I can be spiritual and I can be a Christian.

Sweet Enigma
Group: Multifaceted

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