Dash Weh The Dutty Wata

ImageIts is said that everything we do in life is based upon choice; actually that statement is so right. All that we do, we choose to do it. So what’s up with the people that keep holding on to their past. The ones that has gotten hurt, the ones that has been mistreated and damaged and torn. It not that we chose to hold on to the past or hang to the hurt but its that little thing that keeps our mind unrest. ” Will I get hurt and abused again.”Because of all of our bad fortunes we block the world and also lock out all the people that really care and love loves us. I know its not easy to just let go off something that has hurt us, but if we want happiness we must change ourselves and then the world will also be changed.

Throwing away the dirty water is the best solution on our quest of happiness. It makes no sense to try and curtain our emotion which will become detrimental. Its rather smart to go again through the hurt stage and find love again than block my true feelings. Once you are granted that one opportunity live, love hard and remember to put you first. Find love and embrace it. Water it, nurture it and it will bloom and bring forth delicious fruits.

Jujay Sammie
Rule 2

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