Finding Mr. Biggs: Part 1

It’s become a common thing for me to limit myself to engaging a certain type of guy. Not only do I favor them but they are naturally drawn to me as well. He’s a man’s man for the most part, suave, mature, defined and borderline ‘cool’. I, being who I am would right of preferring a ‘type’ as overrated, but I still somehow find myself attracted to that one ‘type’ of guy. I’d think myself a catch; articulate, ambitious, blah blah blah. So why do I tend to attract good looking assholes?
Introducing The Looker’s theory;
What people see you as first is what will draw them in, First impressions does in fact matter.
My jeans are tight, necklines low-cut, straight face, bright smile, and the sexiest habit of licking my lips at just the right moments. That all apparently equals to “Douches to the front of the line please”. Mistake me not though, good guys do come but they’re always either taken or newly single (a place I dread venturing to, too much invisible baggage). But to the meat of the matter now; I met these two guys around the same time and it turns out that they’re friends. Initially I was drawn to the taller one, effervescent, engaging and charming. During the head-over-heels phase the other guy (Lets call him B) made clear his feelings towards me in the cutest way ever, and I friendzoned him (‘Big’ Mistake).
As I got to know ‘A’ better I found that he was rather judgmental, forceful, and extremely misleading even though he made my clock tick. At this point I played the expected ‘playas’ move… and went in to give ‘B’ a shot (apologies if that comes out a little mean but this IS all a game). It turns out that Mr. Biggs (He just got promoted from just B – I consider Myself Carrie BTW) is easily NOT MY TYPE, but definitely a piece of heaven that I once tasted and now CA-RAAVES! He’s very different, expressive yet introverted, passionate, caring and positively a lover. BUT, I am newly determined to engage in a Mr. Compromise. See I am in fact verse but have fallen submissively more times than I have risen to the ‘top’ (giggles). So this time around I want the best of both worlds, among other things of course. Ok, now with all that rambling here comes the spoiler… I am yet to tell Mr. Biggs how I feel and god forbids it doesn’t go how I dreamt that it did for 3 nights straight. But I am determined to pursue him nonetheless. Kick back and watch me work… Mr. Biggs, you won’t know what hit you… GAME ON!
The Deflector

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