How do MSMs Survive In Ja?

Have you ever felt wrong, ashamed of who you are and how you feel, upset because you do not understand whats so wrong with it and not to mention insecure?? We live in a society that privileges the social and physical executions of msms, one that will have their bias towards all things but it comes 10 fold when it regards msms, one that will take our cake and eat it to!1 So then my question is. How do msms survive in JA, the land we think we love, how do we exist in a society that sees us as antagonistic to its deep rooted moralistic Christian values? Every day we hear the various institutions of the society such as the family, religion, the education system throwing daggers at us. This is evident in the songs that are played and just the whole media landscape. Words such as (batty boy, fish, faggot, chi chi mon, sodomite, heshe shim, sprat and others flood the society). So how do we live? Simply we live by secrecy, hiding for the most part of us, we are forced underground. Limited to secured surveillance areas, barred from being ourselves in the outside world. How is this healthy?? My friends it is not. Because of how we are forced to exist tensions within the community are inevitable. We project in high and low places because of insularity and selfish pursuits. So how do we expect to be given sustainable rights when we ourselves are divided, uncompromising and non accepting. We cling to the world that soo hates us privileging straight behaviour ( which I have  no problem with, I only have a problem when it is used as a measuring stick) and looking down on our effeminate brothers.

How we survive in ja is that of second class citizens, we survive by bringing down each other and playing the hypocrites according to society’s games. But what gives me hope is that they are msm out there who are kind supportive and just really good people. They are the beacons for this community. We need to be more loving and the attractor factor has given us the tools to be understanding and good bearers of the truth. Love you all and be good each other.

Sweet Enigma

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