In Pursuit of Love

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they crave the simple pleasures that come with loving someone, and being loved. To share your life with another, the happy moments that will be cherished and the struggles that will cement the bond become the building blocks. Humans have always sought companionship since the beginning of time itself, if you buy into that Adam and Eve tale, but for there to be love, the pure and wholesome type, self-love should be the first step in its pursuit. To form the perfect relationship with others, we must form the perfect relationship with ourselves.

Self-love is often overlooked in the pursuit of love, people go about seeking approval and gratification from others in hopes of realizing their true potential and worth, entering relationships in order to feel loved, wanted and complete. But if we don’t take the time out to first discover ourselves and tap into our minds, realizing our own value, how can we know that we are not settling for less than we deserve?

True love and peace of mind first starts within, the belief and constant reassurance of our own importance and purpose in this life, being able to accept ourselves entirely, embracing the flaws that add to our uniqueness as well as discovering our talents and maximizing them instead of letting them go to waste. This self-love begins with the acceptance of our limitless capabilities, the power to dream beyond our wildest imagination, creating our ideals and working relentlessly towards our aspirations.

It is not until we are able to love ourselves that we will be able to truly love someone else, sharing our lives and entire being. Reaching a familiar impasse in life where we sometimes cave in to insecurities, allowing ourselves to feel insufficient and unloved becomes the catalyst for a change of perspective and a cry for motivation that can only come from within. We should become our own driving force, tapping into our reservoirs of confidence, pushing ourselves to the thresholds of our abilities, because it is not until we start believing naysayers that we are defeated. If we are not able to embrace and love ourselves it becomes impractical to expect anyone else to love and accept us.

In pursuit of love, the first phase begins with each of us, The Attractor chooses to realize his potential and maximize on his attributes, embracing his flaws, consoled by the knowledge that the so called imperfections are just what make him perfect.

The Attractor

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