Love Me Honestly


Family and even strangers influence who we allow ourselves to be. I’ve had to ‘keep-up’ with my appearance a lot, given its rarity and effect. The ability to freely vocalize your thoughts and feelings with zero inhibitions. To access your own chamber of secrets and ‘level wid yuself’.To expose your true self, Honesty is among the most underrated factors of a happy life. To be completely honest with ourselves and the people in our lives is freedom in itself. I describe it as my ‘superpower’, past mistakes were sent back to the past and now I’m starting with a clean slate. When people ask me to share my thoughts I will share them honestly. When it comes to decision making I will make the, relating and representing myself I will do it honestly. I made it my life’s mission to ‘break the mold’, to be different and kick ass at anything that anyone told me I couldn’t do. But it wasn’t until I realized that I needed to first break my own mold before I could really FLY. Away with people’s, to be free. Thanks to the “The Attractor Factor Project” for showing me my true capacity and allowing me the opportunity to be me, to love me… honestly. Rule 2, tradition and standards. I am ready to be me, uncontaminated and… honest. More than often do we access these chambers but pay very little attention to the power of its content. Our friends, until I decided to truly be the best me and show it. People’s opinions stopped mattering first, vulnerable, when it comes to existing

Rule 2

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