Relations and Ships

Relations are interactions that we have as human beings since we are gregarious by nature and Ships are vessels on the sea that may or may not have a fixed destination. Lets put the two together now, relationships are interactions that we have on a daily basis that may or may not have a fixed destination or in this sense a purpose of direction. Relationships are all around us… they are characterized by interactions so we have family, friends and sexual relations with people.

Putting the focus on MSM relationships it must be understood within the context of MSM relations. As MSMs how do we interact with each other on the basis of friendly and sexual relations. One of my friends once said that gay people cannot be in lasting relationships because they are too promiscuous. As I pondered on the validity of this statement I looked to the interactions of my associates (flirting, liking more than one person, sexually irresponsible , insatiable sexual thirst and the vice of instant gratification, negative projection, liars and fights). All these have become synonymous with the MSM lifestyle. Do any of that sound promising?

As msm we need to first accept ourselves and seek to establish friendly relations. Be civil, honest, and generous in your interactions and this will produce a culture of togtherness in the community that we can be proud of. These actions will help to wipe out the negative connotations of msm life styles such as being vulgar for no reason, fighting and dishonest. On the sexual realm msms should stop acting on the vice of gratifications. It is human nature to be attracted to people but it appears that it is intensified in this community because of its forbidden fruit nature. Guys we should have one partner and we should be satisfied. Not going around and sleeping with the world but being singular and responsible because the variety of diseases out there do not have favs. So be careful in that regard.

If we can remedy our interactions on the friendly and sexual level then we can be assured to have good relationships that are not idealistic but very much tangible in nature. Our ships on this sea called life will have a purpose of destination because we will now know what we want and the 5 stones can be used in that regard. Let our actions and interactions be enabling so that healthy and safe relationships can be the new thing in our community because of we do not work together we gonna straight up fail individually. I am a firm believer that this community can be functional and holistic. We just need to be empowered and know that we are beautiful individuals in our own right.

Sweet Enigma

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