The Scenario, On The Down-low


Behind closed doors, unspeakable acts and secrecy thrives. The down-low male blurs the lines between clear cut margins, black or white, good or bad, gay or straight. Society has involuntarily bred a new form of sexual identity, because the down-low male doesn’t want to identify himself as being gay or bisexual. He is by simplest definition a male who has a female partner(s) but engages in discrete sexual activities with other men. 

The DL scenario is no different from an individual trying to keep up appearances, masquerading a persona in order to be accepted and fit into the confines of social strata. The Jamaican male archetypes have always been defined by rigid traits and standards, the male ego is exaggerated and aggression and blatant ignorance are glamorized then reinforced in popular media. So where is the DL male’s place in a society that’s about black or white and doesn’t leave much avenue for exploring other grey emotions? He is forced to live double lives to avoid being bashed and becoming a social outcast but the damage to his self-esteem is unfathomable.

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