The Shadow Days are over

ImageWe all knew that that time would come when we would have to leave high school and enter into the meaner World. We all knew that we would soon have to come out from behind the shadows of our stereotypes, put our armors on and brace ourselves for the harsh realities of what the transition from pre-teen to post trauma (aka adulthood) brings.
Growing up sucks! – can you empathize?On grad day when we all hit the 2nd verse of Mariah and Whitney’s “When you believe” (the quintessential kick ass song of the century) and we come to the realization that ‘yes, shit will get crappy’. But Mariah’s reassuring vocals gives us something to hold onto… miracles. Like really, seriously Mariah… miracles? –scoffs-  how about marching to Amy Whinehouse’s  “You know I’m no good”  and just keep it re-to-the-ezeal with us tentative slaves or slave masters?

No matter how much we try to protest the World’s conforms, it’s undeniable that we are all a part of a cruel social triangle that ultimately hands us either a blue ribbon or a sword and shield – what we do with it, is absolutely up to us.

“Break free from the back allies of life before it’s too late. March your way out onto the highways taking your opportunity by the hand and learn how to fly”
We are a generation with 21st Century minds, progressive and innovative… the Shadow Days are over and now our destinies and fates are our own.

The Deflector
Rule 2

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