Why Are We on the Defence?


Armours ready, adrenaline ready, words and actions in abundance. We head to the battle field of our home. Out into Society we go. Armed and steady.  Hold on, this is not Spartacus or the 1st and 2nd world War, not even a state of emergency!! Why as MSMs we have to be on the defensive?

Always, we are in combat mode from the subtle attitude, choosing words carefully to the obscene violence of words and actions. We survive by fighting back, by justifying. But why? Do we really have to explain how we feel? Do we always have to have our guards up? Think about it. Is that what we call living?

Well my friends the Enigma chooses the offence. I choose to love myself and to be proud of who I am. I choose to relax and not worry aboutt fights, explaining and all things of that nature. I choose to let the ball be on my side of the court. I CHOOSE FREEDOM.  We do not have to be in constant combat mode. We are loving human beings. And society’s problem with us is its problem not ours.

Let’s choose life, fun, not in hiding or insecurity. Because if we do not declare that how we feel is right and that nothing is going to change that.. Society will always try their moral imperialism.. We have already won through acceptance and loving each other.. WE ARE ON THE OFFENSE

Sweet Enigma

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