You Are Your Own Limit

Image“When a Man can look within himself, recognize and embrace his honest capacity is when his World will truly change”
It’s easy to say that when things are at its worst (when you have nothing to lose) is the best time to start over. While reinvention is promoted and actively facilitated by one’s state of despair it’s easiest for us to act upon reconstruction of our lives due to our inability to realize that we are our own limits. It is within us and whether we want to believe that we can, at any point change the direction of our lives without arriving at ‘rock bottom’ first. Pride, the elimination of this state of mind is in fact the most vital movement in initiating the opening of our greater power (that of change). “All my friends and my reputation, I cannot –after umpteen years- get up and change my entire life” … well you can actually. It is after you have removed the regards of your surrounding and put that of yourself to the forefront of your priorities that you will truly be able to become the best YOU.
What if I am content with the me I am today?
The strength of this message is how it illuminates the fact that we are our own limits. If it is within you to set your limit to the ends of your current state, more power to you but it all goes back to the simple fact that it is ultimately our actions that determine our futures.Rule 2

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