The Second Installment of Breaking Dishes


“Kevin are you okay?!”

The sounds of his Father’s frantic voice and the urgent shock of the ice cold water brought Kevin back to his family. The last thing he remembered was telling his defiant mother that he was not gay, because he wasn’t, or he was figuring it out.

“Wha.. What happened?”

“She’s gone Kevin. She stormed out right after..”

“Right after what? What happened Dad?”

Mr. Chambers helped his son up from the floor, the air reeked of a familiar smell. The smell brought back memories of visiting his Grandmother on the Emergency hall, and then a sharp pain to his head and him tending to it, brought the realization that it was blood. His.

Shards of shattered glass were at his feet, the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon was broken and the dry red wine mixed with his blood, pooling tauntingly around him. He did not need to badger his father anymore because he realized what had happened. “That crazy bitch! I’m going to fu..” Kevin shouted enraged but fell harshly to the floor, he was weak from blood loss and the wound was not clotting well.

“She’s gone Kevin.” Mr. Chambers’ soft voice came in again and he realized he had just called his father’s wife a bitch, in front of him.

“How could you let her? Are you the husband or the wife in this house?”

“Kevin do you really think now is the best time to be facetious? “

“THAT is your concern?” Enraged Kevin struggled to get up again pushing his Father’s hands away from him. His mind went racing, how could things take such a drastic turn in such a short time. Was she off her medication? Did the doctors at Fairview get the dosage wrong? Searching for his iPhone he realized he had left it upstairs in his room, he made for the stairwell and in his attempt to go up the first two steps fainted. The last thing he would remember was the hatred he felt for his Mother and his frustration with his effeminate Father.

“What the hell Bev, have you lost your mind!” Mr. Chambers stood over Kevin’s body angry and confused. He couldn’t go to the police, all he could think about was the shame that would come to his family having to explain this to the police. If he didn’t act quickly the blood loss would eventually cause his son to die. He felt for a pulse and a weak throb reminded him that a window was still open but he had to act quickly. “Mr. Rodgers! Where’s my cell phone?!”

Against the will of his nerves, he managed to input the seven digits that would call his friend and with his bloody thumb, he pressed the Call button on his BlackBerry. “Joe, Joe you need to get here now. She’s gone off her rackets Joe… I don’t have time to explain! Kevin is on the floor and he’s bleeding like hell… I can’t take him to the hospital Joe! If I could you think I would be calling… Get here in ten.”

Mr. Chambers wiped the blood from his hands into his satin shirt, this was the shirt his wife gifted him for his birthday, he was fifty and he was nowhere near where he saw himself.

His Wife was a domineering psychotic and his sons did not respect him. He couldn’t have the daughter he wanted because his wife wouldn’t agree to ruin her figure. Besides his money, he had nothing but unhappiness and regrets and his youngest son now was at his feet losing more blood. In that moment he considered suicide, but that was a selfish thought and that would make his wife win. The ruins of his family were the justifications he used to give in to the teasing of his younger assistant. She always wore his favorite color, because he had mentioned it to her once. The erections he got from seeing her walk around the law firm with her top clinging to her bosom and her large breasts spilling from the black laced bras she always wore.

His penis started growing, struggling against the zipper his cargo shorts as images of the young femme fatale began to fill his head.

“What the hell is wrong with me?!”

Mr. Chambers began sobbing which only made him feel even more pathetic, how could he be thinking about sex at a time like this. His son was bleeding to death because of his crazy wife, he began thinking that he deserved this. Nothing he was doing so far was helping. He stammered into the kitchen defeated, the dishes were in the sink from earlier. Paper towels.

Mr. Chambers reached for the paper towels and began to clean his hands, “Where did that witch put the mop?” Remembering that his son was still on the floor bleeding, and that he had done nothing to help besides harassing his only friend and the only person who could help them now. He could clean Kevin up. He turned around with the roll of the ultra soft tissue and then stopped. Reaching for the sink he grabbed one of the dishes and threw it into the wall, he took a second, and a third and threw them around the kitchen, and on the floor.

He was about to reach for a third when a siren went off outside and he could hear cars pulling up into his driveway. A few loud knocks on his door and he froze with the soiled china in his hands. The dish fell from his hands when he heard his front door being kicked off the hinges.

To be continued…

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