A Word From SommerLove


From the inception of the Attractor factor project part 2 (Across the Lines) I have gained a wealth of knowledge that i’m indeed grateful for.  

I have learnt more about the self, which is something that i’m quite fond of. We learnt that you must deal with your own mess in order to help someone deal with their mess  which is diffidently true.My grandmother would say “you need fi learn fi dance a yaad, before you can dance abroad”  and to help us with that we touched a little bit in the law of attraction. (What we think, we create ,what we feel, we arract and what we imagine, we become)
The program changed gear as we then began to learn how to plan events (interventions) Yes, our facilitators and master trainer did  not use conventional ways of teaching us how to go about this, but we learnt a lot  and we planned a very successful event.
We also had a counselor, who came in and informed us of the does and don’ts of counselling, even though we were already learning that and I didn’t really agree with everything he said, it was good to have an outside source explain his idea of counselling .
We began to get deeper into counseling, this would entail knowing what to say to the client and how to control our body language as it says a lot to a client.
This program has provided me with a great amount of information regarding the self and how to be a counselor and how to plan events (Interventions). This geared to help me to become a better individual. This program is one to be commended.

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