The Fourth Installment of Breaking Dishes


“Sir I am calling from the University Hospital of The West Indies, your wife was admitted in unstable condition. She crashed into a street sign along Hop Road. We are going to need you to come in.” The nurse encouraged Mr. Chambers to remain calm, but that said he should come as quickly as possible. “Joe, Bev just met in an accident. She’s in unstable condition, Joe they want me to come in now can you stay here with my boy please?”

“I look like a baby sitter?” Joe retorted, “Wait what you just say, something wrong with Bev? What kind of day this, alright well hurry up and go to your wife. I’ll stay here with the boy, he might need more medical attention.”

“Thanks, I don’t know what I’d do without all the help.” Mr. Chambers said.

“Well hurry up and go before I change my mind” Joe urged.

Mr. Chambers ran outside to the BMW, opening the door he got in and began to start the car, he gripped the steering wheel and saw the bloody imprints he was leaving and then remembered that his clothes were filthy. Killing the engine, he ran inside to change into a fresh pair of slacks and a plain white t-shirt, fastening his Cartier bracelet he left again. The drive to the hospital wasn’t more than ten minutes from the town house, but to him it had felt like an hour. The teenagers who refused to cross the road quickly, the old lady in front of him who maintained a steady pace of what couldn’t be more than 10 kph, the stop lights that taunted him by staying on red for what must have been 15 minutes. Finally he was driving into the hospital, he parked vicariously and rushed into the ER.

“Hello? Hello! Miss if its not too much of a bother I would like to know where my wife is.” Mr. Chambers said impatiently to the nonchalant receptionist who glanced up at him annoyed.

“Please have a seat, sir” she said.

“Have a seat? Is this a joke? I was just called here, I was told my wife met in an accident, what do you mean have a seat?” he asked her impatiently.

“Listen, its been a long day..” she began, “WHAT? Don’t tell me about long days girl,where is Dr. Bhatnagar, I need to talk to him now about the incompetent staff he has out front because with all the money my company is pumping into this hospital you would think I can at least get some information.” Mr. Chamers interrupted her.

“Oh. Sir I am very sorry, I had no idea that, please come this way, is your wife Beverly Chambers?” she asked embarrassed.

“Yes.” Mr. Chambers responded stiffly.

“You, girl sit and watch the telephone.” The receptionist motioned to a younger girl who nervously took her seat, she could not have been more than seventeen Mr. Chambers thought, taking notice of her supple figure and the large breasts spilling from the top of her blouse.

“Mr. Chambers?” the receptionist was a few paces ahead of him.

“Yes.” he snapped out of the temporary daze and pursued the her.

“This is where she is, you can speak to the doctors who operated. I will go and get them for you now Sir, you may have a seat inside the room with your wife.” she replied.

Mr. Chambers ignored her, pushing into the small monochrome room. There lay his wife, peaceful, and quiet for a change. His mind ran on the incompetent receptionist, did she know who he was, she must have been new. Outside of his home he was arrogant and elitist, battling with his insecurities, still trying to find his place in society.

“Barry?” Dr. Bhatnagar asked standing at the door in a ghost white coat, his greasy hair had been spiked into an awkward faux mohawk. The man had been at least sixty, still trying to cling to his adolescent years.

Mr. Chambers got up and hugged his friend, “What happened to her?” he asked.

“She met in an accident, we have managed to stabilize her but she is not conscious. Her vitals are good so that is encouraging, she didn’t suffer much external damage from the accident, you would really not be able to tell from looking at her, the unfortunate thing is there is a lot of internal damage from the impact. We are keeping a close eye on her, but I want you to remain positive. Where is Kevin, he didn’t want to see his Mom?” Dr. Bhatnagar finished.

“Wait, that was a lot to take in, what do you mean internal damage? What kind of internal damage and when is she going to be conscious?” Mr. Chambers asked.

“Well Barry, like I said we are keeping a close eye on her, my medical opinion is she can make a recovery in a week.” Dr. Bhatnagar answered.

“What do you mean a week? So she is going to be a vegetable for a week? Oh and Kevin is sleeping, I didn’t want to wake him up he has been going through a lot.” Mr. chambers said.

“I dont like that term, and we have not observed substantial brain damage, she can make a full recovery. I think you should really be happy she is still alive, and that I was able to get the policemen who brought her in to leave without hanging around to slap drunk driving charges on her.” Dr. Bhatnagar answered him bluntly, unappreciative of the tone in which he was being questioned.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Its just been a long day. Kevin is sleeping. He’s fine. He’s just home. I didn’t want to wake him up.” Mr Chambers said.

“Well yes, you mentioned that earlier.” Dr. Bhatnagar said suspiciously.

The two of them stood awkwardly, aware of the power struggle that had just taken place between the two of them, silent, before suddenly they were both looking on the screen of the electrocardiogram. The machine had been maintaining a consistent pattern of peaks to show the activity of Beverly’s heart. It was now a straight line running across the monitor, and the machine was beeping loudly.

“NURSE!” Dr. Bhatnagar shouted running into the hallway.

 To be continued…

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