Pharmacists are Lube Police?


In a recent discussion among young LGBT advocates, the purchasing of personal sex lubricate is not as easily accessible to gays as one might think.

In fact, one might put the purchasing on sex lubricant in the same league as a school girl walking into a pharmacy to purchase condoms…maybe worse.

Sources believe that young men purchasing personal lubricant in a pharmacy are subjected to discrimination-I mean it’s obvious right?  What would a young boy be doing with personal lubricant if not butt sex? So a friend and I decided to put this theory to work, we visited three different popular pharmacies around the city to see what would be the reaction of the shop attendants if not one, but a couple of male paying customers showed up for the purchase of condoms and personal lubricant. The three pharmacies chosen were Megamart pharmacy (Waterloo), York pharmacy and the Liguanea Drug and Garden centre.

To our surprise, the alarming problem had very little to do with the reaction of pharmacists or shop attendants. Quite the contrary, in fact, they were most helpful and at one pharmacy-the shop attendant even forgot she left us with a bunch of lubricant on the service counter to choose from, while she attended to another lady’s prescription.

The real problem is not one of discrimination, it is one of availability. If one does their research –as I do before purchasing a product (see which personal lubricants are best for anal sex) you want to get the best value for your money, right? So the obvious choice would be to purchase an aqua-silicon based lube.  However, those are not easy to access over the counter as I expected. In fact, at all three pharmacies, the only types of lubricants available were oil and water based-and not the best quality ones ether. This of course is a real problem for the MSM community, especially those who participate in anal penetration.

Anal sex carries a high risk of infection with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Whenever indulging in anal sex, it is ESSENTIAL to practice safe sex. Always use a good quality condom and a silicon based lubricant (or plenty of water based lubricant-because these tend to dry out quickly and can cause discomfort for the receiving partner). Other lubricants can increase risk of STIs and support the binary fission (multiplication) of foreign bacteria; also damage condoms, causing them to split. If you think the condom has split or is damaged, withdraw immediately and replace it.

Lubes are like the supporting foundation of good anal penetration, and it is why using the right type of lube is important. However, I doubt the friendly local pharmacies here got that memo. If anything is to be said, it would be that the MSM community would do well with a local supplier of quality personal silicon based lubricants. Which posits the question, who will take action first: the “supportive” NGOs or a smart capitalist who will see this as a promising business opportunity?

Tell us what you think.

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