Natural Aphrodisiacs: For Men


In earlier times, Vikings, men of hunt and war, would rely on Natural medicine for remedies of the body and of the heart. It was not uncommon for an alchemist or a witch doctor, to brew up some potion for energy, muscle integrity, strength, stamina, increase sperm count, flavour the ejaculate or remedy impotency.  In fact, this trade was one of the primary forms of sustainable income for “witches” back then, as more modern spin-offs such as Viagra and other lesser forms of men’s vitamins are putting more and more pharmaceutical companies within the Fortune 500.As we edge closer to Valentine’s Day, I want to take us back to basics and share my list of the top 15 basic herbs, grains, fruits and spices that are potent in their natural form and are all-natural aphrodisiacs, sure to add some steam to your day.

15. Almonds: Almonds are celebrated by the Wiccans as a fertility nut. They are rich in fiber, vitamin E and healthy fats that enhance desire, lubrication and skincare. Eat a handful in your daily diet to put a glow on your skin and maintain your libido.

14. Mushrooms: Are scientifically proven to have stimulating effects on the nervous system which increases sensitivity and sensuality during sex. They are rich in all kinds of Vitamin B and promote an increased amount in ejaculate fluids and sperm count.

13. Figs: Figs paradoxically and sacrilegiously represent sexuality. They are high in fiber and alkaline metals for (balancing stomach acids and) increasing energy. They keep the rectum clean (favourable for anal penetration), improve the flavour of ejaculate, lowers blood pressure and puts a lingering sweet taste in your  mouth that makes kissing more pleasurable and enticing.

12. Seaweed: Seaweeds are delicious if cooked properly. Some can even be had raw! They are popularly associated as a natural aphrodisiac in Asia (especially Japan). It is rich in vitamins that increase sperm count and libido. If Japanese is the theme for your Valentine dinner? Don’t forget to have that delicious salty seaweed and sesame seed salad on the side!


11. Nutmeg/Cinnamon: has a sweet spice aphrodisiac reputation that dates back to early Hindu culture. Nutmeg is a nerve stimulant and is believed to consist of warming properties for stimulated sexual appetite; while its ability to sweeten the breath increases attraction. Try grating a little fresh cinnamon into your tea; a little fresh nutmeg bursts the flavour of your cooked dark green and yellow leafy vegetables.

10. Dates: are rich source of protein, dietary fiber and rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5 along with vitamin A1 and C. It helps to increase sexual stamina and is rich in fibre. It promotes a clean rectum, good weight management and is naturally sweeter than sugar. Dates coated in dark chocolate are a must-have for Valentine. Certified to please your partner, especially if paired with number 9.

9. Wine: Heightens the senses, thins the blood, increases blood flow (when drunk in moderation), relieves stress and lowers cholesterol and inhibitions. A decent bottle of Bordeaux or Chardonnay served with that delicious fish or chicken Entree is a sure panty/brief dropper.


8. Lemons: Great source of alpha, beta vitamins, anti-oxidants and a powerful detoxifier. Slice one of these in half and lick the tart, citrusy juices and have them linger on your tongue. A fully ripped lemon leaves a sweet after-taste in its wake, freshen the breath and stimulates the taste buds of the tongue-which makes kissing your significant other even more divine.

7. Honey: Pure natural honey has traces of iron, vitamin B and E that increases energy and desire. It is also known to increase testosterone, endorphin and immunity levels. It’s sticky, slippery feature makes it way more suitable (than whipped cream), sexier and lubricating as a condiment for oral sex; not to mention, it mingles well with the pre-ejaculate of both herbivores and omnivores. So go ahead and pour that bee-goo all over the business end (or entrance) of your lover and enjoy!

6. Avocado: Has anyone ever wondered why avocadoes look like larger versions of testicles? The Aztecs called the avocado tree “Ahuacatl,” which roughly translates “testicle.” The fruit is rich in healthy plant oils, Omega 3:6 and fatty acids which are great for the brain, skin and sexual energy. The rectum has as natural layer of fat and mucus that can be dehydrated from douching, consuming excessive carbohydrates and not drinking water regularly. This may lead to constipation or straining during bowel movement which leaves smudges of faeces along the rectum wall-which can be unpleasant in sight and odour for the active partner and embarrassing for the receiving partner. Avocado nutritionally provides lubrication of the rectum as well as joints.  Avocado is also a natural stress and tension reliever and tastes great in your cream soups and salads; which certify it as #6 potent fruit and aphrodisiac on this list.

5. Wild Oats: There is a story-older than me, I’m sure- about the farmer who saw oat plants sprouting from his cow’s dung. However, to where the oats plot was and the cattle were held was a relatively high fence between the two. To his discovery, the cows would stick their neck over the fence at nights until they had enough stamina to climb over, have their fill and climb back over by daybreak. And thus the term “be careful how you sow your wild oats” came into circulation. The grain is filled with protein, phytonutrients, Iron, magnesium, potassium and fibre to increase stamina, testosterone, muscle integrity, repair tissue cells, maintain weight for physical fitness and leave the passive partner with a clean rectum suitable for anal penetration.

4. Guinep: The sweet, jelly-like fruit is packed with carotene, riboflavin, ascorbic and amino acids, iron and fibre! The taste of the sweet gelatinous seed rolling on the tongue has many men dishing out triumphant testimonials: stating that the fruit increased their masculine prowess and desire for sex. It is guaranteed to improve the taste of ejaculate, leave the receptive partner with a clean rectum suitable for anal sex and reduce acne, improving skin care.


3. Garlic: Most people shy away from cooking with this wonderful bulb in fear of bad breath. Screw bad breath! That’s that toothpaste and breath mints are for. When cooking for your partner this Valentine’s, don’t hold back on the garlic. Four or five pieces are good enough to get you laid. It’s sure to heighten your partner’s sexual desire   and it’s scientifically proven to get men hot and bothered 70% more than perfume!  It lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow, natural oils and penicillin improves body sweat aroma and packed with anti-oxidants to increases energy.


2. Chili Peppers: This spice is rich in both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. It contains Beta- carotenoids (Vitamin A) which improves prostate health, repairs dead or degenerating organ cells and cleanses the sinus. The capsaicin- that tingling heat from the white inner membrane- in hot peppers has been shown to decrease blood cholesterol and triglycerides, boost immunity, reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and most importantly, the chili pepper is a thermogenic food.  So what does all this mean? Simply easier breathing for the active partner during oral sex, strengthening of the rectum walls for the passive partner, lower LDL cholesterol improves breathing and increases pelvic blood circulation for the active partner and increased metabolism assists in weight management to keep both partners looking physically fit and attractive.

1. Pomegranate:  This juicy red fruit is popular amongst royals dating back to the times of ancient Egypt. It is packed with anti-oxidants and contains punicalagins-a compound which is only found in pomegranates-which burns subcutaneous fat-fat that is found in and around blood vessels and major organs such as the heart. King Henry VII would take a bite out this fruit each night before he ravishes a new mistress, to support blood flow to his member, increase his pm energy-and to put a sweet taste on his lips and tongue, I’m sure!


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