Surviving the Holidays While Single

The Holidays can be a fulfilling and rewarding time for couples, Valentine’s Day and Christmas ring in thoughts of appreciation and love. Couples plan for weeks in advance, how to surprise each other for the holidays and special days such as anniversary and birthdays while single folks everywhere might choose to become resentful for the holidays. They become a sort of reminder of just how lonely we have been feeling or how long we haven’t indulged in some awesome sex.

The Holidays don’t need to be dreadful, here’s a list of things to do during the holiday.

1. Discover a new wine. 


Wine has always been associated with Holidays or celebrations, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t participate. Take the day to buy a new kind of wine you’ve never tried and enjoy it over a meal that compliments the wine. For folks who are intimidated by wine, try something easy and inexpensive like a Moscato. The trendy sweet wine pairs well with most meals and can be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and wine amateurs alike.

2. Go to the beach.


The great thing about living on an island is within a few hours or minutes, you’re at the beach. Use the day to call up a few friends you lost touch with and head to the closest beach for fish or get an amazing tan while snapping photos to make your Instagram followers jealous.

3. Play with your dog/cat


If you’re lucky enough to have an animal companion, then you’re never really alone on the holidays. Buy your pet a new toy and watch them light up with delight as they enjoy their gift. Some of the best things in life really are free (you will have to pay for the toy).

4. Masturbate


The holidays have a way of making people lonely, not just that, incredibly horny. You find yourself home alone with nothing to do and sexual urges. Instead of signing into Adam4Adam or checking who’s closest to you on Grindr, get into bed, slip into some of your sexiest underwear, sign into MyVidster and find some steamy porn to watch (all the way through, not just the first few minutes of oral and then the orgasm). Touch yourself, tease your body, discover new ways to turn yourself on and new sensations that bring you over the edge. Don’t just jerk off, take the time to make love to yourself.

5. Cook


Everyone loves food, that goes without saying. With the ease of the internet everyone can become an overnight #foodie. Find some easy recipes that can pass as gourmet with ingredients around the house or for even more fun, find an exotic dish online and visit the local market or supermarket for fresh ingredients.

6. Netflix

netflix-platforms-640This goes without saying, there’s no better way to spend an entire day at home in bed. House of Cards premiers with Orange Is The New Black in a few days so now is the best time to catch up on missed episodes. Netflix movie selection is truly God awful but who’s complaining when you can binge watch Breaking Bad and the entire Gossip Girl seasons.

7. Clean or Reorganize your space


No one likes a cluster, the Chinese who practice feng shui will tell you the mystical experiences that come with rearranging your space. Even if you don’t buy into all that,  switching things up around the house is a good way to kill time. Sew buttons onto all the shirts missing a button, wipe that stain off the sofa that’s been there since Christmas 2005, flip your mattress and give your old sweat drenched pillows a sun bath.

8. Read


Everyone has a tablet these days, even if you cant visit the local library its easy to find a book from Amazon. With reading apps like Kindle there’s no excuse not to relive a fantasy vicariously through a protagonist. Give J.K. Rowling’s latest thriller a read, The Cuckoo’s Calling.

9. Home Spa Treatments


Lets face it, who doesn’t want to look good on the outside, even if they try to convince us that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. DIY spa treatments not only lift the mood but can boost confidence. Search for some easy DIY remedies online or try these few:

For Blackhead/Exfoliation – mix one part lemon/lime juice with baking soda and make into a paste, let dry on face for about 15-20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

For softer skin – Mix honey and dark sugar with coconut oil, rub on face concentrating on areas of interest and rinse with warm water in 5 minutes.

For tired feet – Soak feet in a warm bath of epsom salt and water for 15 minutes

For dark circles – Add a warm green tea bag under each eye lid for about 10 minutes. OR use a cucumber slice that has been cooled for 10 minutes under each eye.

10. Shopping


The holidays can be rewarding for selfish reasons. Revel in the joy of not having to worry about spending money on extravagant gifts for a partner, instead use the money to get those sexy jeans or shoes you’ve been fixating on.

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2 thoughts on “Surviving the Holidays While Single

  1. This is really an innovative way for singles to bring out the best in themselves and enjoy the company of is often said that you can’t love someone until you love yourself,in times like these you will really see if you love yourself.

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