5 Unofficial Relationships You Have in Your Twenties

blackcouple Generation Y, the last hope for Mother Earth before the baby boomers take over are an interesting set, in the age of social media and unhealthy self obsession our interactions become muddled and ambiguous. Some of us decide to use these years by the ‘single and free’ aphorism, on the verge of quarter life crisis, we form identifiable twenty something unofficial relationships. 1. The Mediocre Booty Call You know there’s no chance for a relationship, he knows there’s no chance for a relationship, the sex isn’t that good either, but its dependable – and right now its good enough. Both of you have an unspoken agreement to continue hooking up until one of you finds someone better who is ‘relationship worthy’. 2. The Fool Around Friend You both get along great, you’ve been friends for a while, you do everything together and everyone who doesn’t think the two of you are already a couple – think that both of you are having sex. At some point both of you might decide well why not. Each consenting party promises not to make things weird, but things usually get weird. Inevitably very weird. 3. The Ex You Haven’t Gotten Over It ended on mutual terms, maybe one party did the other wrong but for some reason you cant seem to break away from them. You might think maybe if you gave it another chance it will work out – maybe it wont and you should move on. 4. The Flirtatious Texter You probably met them once and had a connection which lead to an exchange of numbers. You text each other everyday and have good conversations. You both have a lot in common and have great chemistry, they seem like the perfect match for you but you just cant seem to ever meet each other again. They’re always too busy to meet or never follow through on plans to see you again – maybe  someday they’ll get around to making some time for you – maybe they’re just wasting your time. You haven’t decided yet but hopefully you just did. 5. The Hookup That Became Something Else You both started with the agreement that this is JUST SEX, you would both have the freedom to see other persons and pursue other partners. But somewhere along the line it became more than just sex, you guys have great sexual chemistry so why wouldn’t it be a good idea to try and get to know each other. You don’t want to impose on the terms of the pseudo relationship or scare them away, so you’ll probably decide to wait on them to come around too. The Attractor

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