Why the ‘Average ‘ Jamaican Man is So Afraid of Gays


Since the start of the ‘Gay Agenda’ the persons in our society that are most vocal and usually violent towards homosexuals are in fact Jamaican men. For the typical open minded individual, this hatred may often be misunderstood. Now, you don’t have to love gays or even agree with their lifestyle, however, the idea that they too are people who deserve equal rights is not that hard to accept… unless you’re the average Jamaican man.

But wait, what does this have to do with anything?

Let me define the average Jamaican man. He is strongly influenced from an early age by religion and subjected to non compassionate heteronormative prototypes and male figures. For the Jamaican man exposed to higher learning education opportunities, it is unfortunate to see how this did not open the mind to critical thinking and acceptance. The average Jamaican man is the one who blames the drought on homosexuals, that any woman who is dressed a little boyish is a lesbian and any man who walks a little funny is gay. There is no method to their madness, no need for questions or information before they attack. The average Jamaican man might feel irrationally threatened by an effeminate guy and some will resort to violence or bullying.

This thought process is deeply rooted in our past as a society and reinforced by the media with one sided portrayal of the Jamaican gay community. Men are deemed the head of the household, yet since the end of slavery they have been failing miserably. There is no understanding of compassion, commitment nor security, instead the mindset that we are simply breeding cattle has stuck. The ego of the average Jamaican man is extremely fragile, pair that with a ‘strong’ religious background, you create a man who must always exert his manliness. The hatred and violence of homosexuals are only a part of the need to show masculinity, study these men who have committed acts of violence against homosexuals you will see other areas of broken glass in their lives. The need to prove to the society that ‘I am a man’ is paramount in the eyes of the average Jamaican man, who in reality is an insecure, unstable and broken individual who requires validation whereever he can find it.

The average Jamaican man is simply a man who feels consistently threatened.

Jamaica has yet to realize the brokenness of its society and the impact of our history. Jamaica has yet to emancipate itself from mental slavery, nor is it independent. Until the root of the problem is fixed and dealt with, the average Jamaican man will continue to make the lives of homosexuals a living hell… (not to mention the other ‘lucky’ individuals in their own personal lives).

3 thoughts on “Why the ‘Average ‘ Jamaican Man is So Afraid of Gays

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts from the closet and commented:
    So precise, I don’t need to have anymore. The analysis itself is proven in how Jamaica society behaves. The one man with numerous baby mothers. The idea that having multiple women, numerous children he cannot take care of is being a man. Another worse part I am even seeing in the education system is lack of interest in the arts. Young men purposely failing English Language exams because to speak proper English is seen as effeminate. Even learning to play an instrument such as the piano can be considered gay activity. Jamaican society is confused.

  2. Really great. I loved reading it. There are some really great points but I can’t help feeling like its an attack. We are always playing the blame game. The straight guys blame the gay guys and the gay guys blame the straight guys. How about showing respect to get respect. Maybe the straight guy feels like we do not respect there space when we act all “girly” just something to think about. Let’s give what we want more of. TABS is all about uplifting and moving forward.

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