Jamaica: Unchecked Homophobic Violence

Date:  Ocotber 21, 2014

Source: Human Rights Watch

Summary:  Human Rights Watch conducted five weeks of field research in Jamaica in April and June 2013, interviewing 71 LGBT people, as well as government officials and other stakeholders. Of the 56 cases of violence documented, 19 victims had reported these crimes to the police. But police took formal statements in only 8 cases, and only 4 led to arrests or prosecutions. Those who did not file police reports, across the board, told Human Rights Watch that they were afraid of facing further discrimination at the hands of the police, or that they believed the police would take no action to assist them.



HIV Positive Gay Men Aren’t Receiving Life-Saving Treatment

Date: September 25, 2014

Source: TIME

Summary:  The latest survey from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows dramatic deficits in treatment among those at highest risk of HIV infection



Ebola’s Information Paradox

Date: October 24, 2014

Source: The New York Times

Summary:  We hear it said constantly that modern society is uniquely vulnerable to the threat of a pandemic because of the global connectedness of air travel. Yet we rarely pause to consider the other side of our global connectedness: the speed of information, which has been increasing at a much faster rate over the past few decades than the speed of airplanes has. 



HIV stigma causing avoidable maternal deaths in South Africa, says Amnesty

Date: October 9th 2014

Source: The Guardian

Summary:  Negligent nursing and poor practice claiming lives as pregnant women avoid antenatal care for fear HIV status will be revealed




This Is How To Perfectly Put On A Condom

Date: October 9th 2014

Source: BuzzFeed

Summary:  Video



HIV cure continues to evade doctors

Date:  October 2nd, 2014

Source: BBC News

Summary:  Giving drugs within hours of HIV infection is not a cure, say doctors treating a baby in Milan, Italy.



The Myth of the Gay Agenda

Date: May 2012

Source: TED Talks

Summary:  In a humorous talk with an urgent message, LZ Granderson points out the absurdity in the idea that there’s a “gay lifestyle,” much less a “gay agenda.” (Filmed at TEDxGrandRapids.)


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