The Attractor Recommends: Top 10 Holiday Gifts for your Boyfriend This Christmas!


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Often I’ve rattled my brain trying to figure out, just the right gift to give my awesome partner in the past. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not willing to spend. But, hey…I’m just an internet blogger with an internet blogger’s income—if you know what I mean. Besides, my mother always said: the best gifts are the ones that are useful, have great sentimental value, and most of all inexpensive.

But what is inexpensive?

When you find yourself in a relationship with someone who earns a significantly higher income than you do (and we are talking about disposable income higher) then the moment you start to decide what gift to get them, you find yourself lying in bed thinking “what do I get someone who already has everything”?

Well stress no more! Set your budget, grab your credit cards and let’s go shopping, as the Attractor recommends the top 10 holiday gifts for your partner this season!


What time is it? Time to get a watch! Men’s watches are a great item that no man can ever have enough of. If your boyfriend is over the age of 30, this gift item speaks volumes and comes highly recommended. He will always think of you when he looks down on his arm to tell the time. Plus, giving a guy a decent watch is pretty much the equivalent of giving a woman diamond earrings on her anniversary. Yea…feels like Christmas.

If you wish to get a bit fancy and go on the pricey side, you can always engrave a short quote that has some strong sentimental meaning to your partner on the back of the watch. This, you can get done at a local jeweler anywhere; though the gesture will possibly take you way off budget.

If you are considering this gift for your partner this holiday, this Guess sports watch is number 1 on the recommendation list.

Matching Underwear

Matching underwear can never go wrong. If your boyfriend is a huge superhero comic fan, this gift is a quirky yet sexy way to say Merry Christmas and I want some… now! It doesn’t have to be a superhero parody underwear but just something that matches. In any case, we all at some point maybe looked at Batman’s bulge in his briefs and wondered if what was under there was as strong and powerful as the man behind the mask. Well, now you would have a person reason to role play and explore that superhero fantasy of yours (if that’s your thing *winks*)

If this is your holiday fantasy, this pair of underwear might interest you.


Wallets are timeless and an excellent gift option. Furthermore, every guy likes to pull out a classy leather bill fold when paying for dinner after a lovely dinner date.

With this gift, one can never go wrong. Useful, sentimental and inexpensive. The Attractor recommends: any one of these awesome Fossil wallets for your man this Christmas.

Pendant key-chain

Pendant key chains are an inexpensive way to grab your boyfriend’s attention and earn his passion. If he is a sentimental guy, then he will surely appreciate one with ether a collage of pictures with both of you in it, or a picture of a happy and memorable time together in the pendant of the key-chain.

If you ave been together for a long time, maybe you might want to jazz it up a bit with a picture of both of you kissing. But if that’s  a bit too extreme, customize a key-chain with a short note of thanks and appreciation from the heart. It will suffice and be just as powerful.


These are an ingenious way to put a smile on your partner’s face this Christmas. Can’t find the words? No Hassle…

Just print how you feel on a t-shirt. This can be done at any local printers, Pricesmart, Wal-mart, Logo-stich, STAPLES, etc. It could also be done online on  a select few sites which offer expedited shipping so your boyfriend’s gift will arrive in time for Christmas. However, this T-Shirt comes highly recommended by the Attractor.

Windows™ Surface tablet/Windows™ Smart Phone

Windows and Nokia have been making ground breaking development in technology that has been taking North America, the UK and Asia by surprise. Being one of the first telecommunications company to study the safe effects of using and commercializing nano-technology, Nokia is already infamous for it’s strong, durable and cost effective cell phones. Now, the latest Nokia phones are fully equipped with Microsoft Windows 8.1, and though these easy to navigate, user friendly, highly functional, strong, and durable smart phones may seem way out of your budget–be at ease. They also are as economical as the reputation of the good old Nokia brand-name.

Windows™ Surface Pro 3 tablets are also a great gadget to gift your boyfriend this season. Though, a bit pricey–than everything else on this list–they offer great features that are good for both business, work and play. Again, just like the WIndows phone, they offer a user friendly interface which Windows OS is already popular for.

This gift pack is a steal, and come complete with everything he would need for his new toy.


If you are dating an artist, someone who works in finance, education or literary arts, then his gift is most appropriate for the Season. I know most of you may be thinking “this is the kind of thing old people are into, right?”


A boyfriend with a particular countenance would fully appreciate a designer fountain pen as a gift.  It would be perfect for signing cheques, writing hand-written invitations, show off on his desk at work or to simply impress his business associates!

This pen I’ve particularly had my eye on. Useful, sentimental, inexpensive.

Bar kit/Cocktail Mixer Set

Every guy over the age of 25, single or not, should have at least one signature drink, they can fall back on (when they have completely ruined the dinner) to make their guests or partner happy. A Bartending kit, complete with a jigger, bar spoon, martini shaker, shot glass and that one flawless cocktail recipe book is a gift that will definitely keep on giving–free drinks at your boyfriend’s place that is.

Complete Gentlemen’s Grooming Kit

Because ‘Mow-vember’ is over and we are now in December. Time to shave that beard and step out brand new for the new year. A gentleman’s grooming kit, completed with all his shaving needs is an exquisite and top of the line gift to give to your partner.

Subscription to this blog!

Of course! As a huge saver (in many ways than one) and as an addition to all these gifts, subscription to this blog is the perfect gift one could give. Meaningful, Useful and Inexpensive! As one of our readers once wisely said, “This blog is LIFE”.

(special thanks and warmest greetings to DeJuan Washington).

Have a Merry Christmas and The Attractor wishes you and your loved ones many happy returns for 2015.

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