Gay For Pay – Or Just Bisexual?


To start things off, a gay man is a man who is sexually attracted to other men, with a heterosexual or straight man being exclusively attracted to women. The term bisexual is used to describe attraction both sexes. Gay-for-pay describes male or female actors, pornographic stars, or sex workers who self-identify as heterosexual but who are paid to act or perform as homosexual professionally.

The current trend in gay porn is men who identify as heterosexual having sex with other men, leading to the interesting discussion: Are these men really straight, or are they confused?

Gay for Pay porn star Paul Canon in an interview with Broke Straight Boys reveals:

“I really don’t care about defining my own sexuality. At this point now, I don’t like labels, I can’t stand labels,” he says once his family moves to the topic of assigning him a sexuality. His father believes he may be “homosexual,” to his brothers, he is “gay.” His brothers say they’ve “always felt” Paul was gay, and that “it’s awkward how he tries to hide that.”

He went on to add:

“I guess I would be considered bisexual, [but] the reason I don’t like labels like that is bisexuality has this negative connotation of being confused, and I’m definitely not confused, I mean, I know what I like. I definitely find women attractive, but then there’s certain aspects of men that I find attractive. I don’t think that’s very confusion. I know what I like, and I know what I want…I just can’t stand labels.”

Are they really gay?

If sexuality is a black and white sliding scale then every single shade of grey needs to not be left out. There are some guys who have literally thrown up from sucking another man’s penis. Then there are some guys who have girlfriends and multiple kids that will take a dick up their ass like a champ. Even so, i saying that they have to be gay to have gay sex closed minded?

Do they really need the money that badly?

Money is definitely the number one driving force behind these men who identify as straight participating in gay sex on film. There are few other jobs where you don’t have to have an education or some form of training and be able to make up to $7,000 in only a couple days of work. Money to support their kids, their education, pay off a debt, and money just to live. The issue becomes flipped to say that everyone has his or her price. What would you be willing to do if money wasn’t an issue?

Is it for attention?

There definitely are some straight guys that get off on the attention that gay men offer them. A straight guy with a hot body would pretty much get attention from a good portion of the gay population. It does not seem these guys are originally in it for the attention, but with time it becomes normal to notice that they almost become addicted to the fame of it.

Are they in denial?

Men who have sex with men on film but identify as straight might come off to the next guy as being in denial and using money to cover up latent same sex desires. The only thing that may separate these men from the next gay man is that they’re getting paid to have sex. Is it really possibly to have passionate sex with another man but still reserve the right to call yourself straight – and denounce labels like bisexual and bi-curious. With many of these men, the stigma that comes with being labeled as gay or bisexual may have a big impact on their decision to identify only as straight men. Some use the “a mouth is a mouth, a hole is a hole” logic to validate their heterosexuality, other men who bottom in these films will tell you it’s easier to bottom and they think about women during these sessions to stay hard.

What do you really think, sound off in the comment section below!

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