10 Tips for Satisfying Anal Sex

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1. If you are unsure of the HIV status of your partner, you should always use condoms. A single unprotected intercourse session could result in infection.

2. Use water or silicon-based lubricants in significant quantities. Both oils and petroleum jelly do reduce any condom protective capacity quickly. You may lubricate your penis itself or the condom. But take care: lubricate only the end of your penis to prevent your condom from sliding off. If your condom has slid off – then you are unprotected. If the top partner’s pleasure has risen sharply – it’s likely that the condom has slid off or is torn. In this case you should stop and check your condom immediately.

3. If you are going to be the bottom for the first time – then the best top partner is a person who already has some experience in this field. The romantic and slow approach by the penetrating partner can resolve majority of sexual problems and pain experienced during anal sex.

4. Start with one finger. Lubricate the anus with the appropriate lubricant. If your penis is thicker – wait when the bottom partner’s anus can hold 2 fingers comfortably. When inside – start off slow. Move it back and forth just a bit then go deeper slowly. The bottom partner should tell you when he wants you to go deeper. If you are not certain – then do it slower.

5. Use the positions which let the receiving partner interrupt the anal intercourse easily if you are too rough.

6. If you consider your penis as too small against the receiving partner’s anus, then consider using one of these positions to increase pleasure for the receiving partner.

– the bottom lover is lying with his knees under his stomach; his bottom is slightly raised and the anus is exposed for maximum penetration.

– the bottom partner is lying on his stomach. Climb on top of him and insert your penis. In the process, change the penis from a vertical position to a horizontal one.

– the bottom partner is lying on his back; his legs are thrown over your shoulders. Rise his legs and insert your penis (a pillow under his buttocks will be useful). Change the penis direction to control your impact on the receiving lover’s prostate.

– the receiving lover is lying face down, with one knee under his chest. The other knee is taken aside, the leg is stretched and slightly bent.

7. If the penis received begins to cause pain, the natural reaction would be to contract the anal muscles. But this will be painful due to tension. Instead relax your anal muscles and try to push the penis out. Simultaneously move all your body forward, as if you want to “take yourself off” the penis.

8. Some men like to have their penis pressed maximally.Contract your anus to facilitate the increased sensation as a result of the tension. On he case of preferring minimal pressure – relax your anus fully to let such lover go deeper. Try both approaches to find what is the best for your lover.

9. It’s easy to get the simultaneous orgasm for both lovers. The main principle is the following: when the inserting lover is near his orgasm, any of the lovers should stimulate the receiving partner’s penis. Use some lubricant to reach the full pleasure. The impact on both his penis and his prostate should make the receiving lover have his orgasm in just a few moments.

10. Don’t hurry! But, if you are already inside and the anus is reasonably relaxed, – then move in your pace. The chances to be painful for the receiving lover are rather slight. Let your body rule you in sex, move in its natural rate.

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