5 Tips For Having Pain Free Anal Sex

Purchase this image at http://www.stocksy.com/187531

Purchase this image at http://www.stocksy.com/187531

1) The Diet 

The things you eat ultimately affect your sex life and how enjoyable anal sex will beHere are a few standouts:

  • Fiber Intake: You should be receiving up to 40 grams of fiber a day, with lots of water. Some bottoms take supplements like Konsyl or Fibercon. Not only does fiber allow you to leave little residue, but it also keeps everything in one piece which gives you a cleaner anus with less chance of faeces left behind.
  • Lean Meats: Chicken and turkey are good options since they are easily digested and typically go straight through the body with no detours along the way. Try to stay away from heavy duty carbohydrates as side orders, at least 6 – 8 hours before you bottom. They tend to stall the process and keep the unprocessed waste inside for a longer period of time.
  • Limit Sodas: They make you gassy, and when you’re bottoming you’re already going to get a bit of air release so you might as well minimize it as best you can.

2) Kegel Exercises

You know the contracting feeling you get whenever you stop peeing mid-stream? That’s the feeling I’m talking about. You’d be surprised how beneficial kegel exercises can be for your overall sexual experience, especially for bottoms.

Contract/Release 10 – 15 times, 3 – 5 times a day. Gradually allow it to increase in number each day or week. Start doing them when you masturbate and even in multiple positions. Eventually you’ll give yourself conscious control over your sphincter muscles, both inside and outside, allowing you to relax the anus on command and control early ejaculation.

3) Douche With An Ear Syringe  

An ear syringe is basically a mini-douche. You can find it in your local drug store and it holds about half the size of water that regular douches may carry. Fill it up with warm water, lube the end, and douche like normal. You have less worry about ruptures or water pressure, and less probability of feeling bloated since there is minimal water involved.

4) Find The Shape. 

The rectum is an “S” curved shape. The more curve it has the more pain you will experience, so the threshold of pain is going to be different for everybody. What might work for your partner might not work for you, but there’s one thing you have control over: your position.

Positions which create a nice angle will straight out the “S” shape and elongate it, creating a better path for the penis. Doggy style is a good position for this as well as straddling on top. A flexible dildo might be a good purchase for you while you’re still trying to discover the shape of your rectum. Pillows also add a nice to touch. Put them underneath your butt and you will be able to manipulate the shape while lying on your back. Find the shape and find the tunnel. These are crucial to having pain free anal sex.

5) Use a lot of lubrication! 

Even though your anus can expand, it’s still being penetrated by a penis which can be up to 8 inches long for some guys. Water based lube is necessary and it’s not an option. Spit is not a suitable alternative to lube, it’s still the best way to minimize the pain.

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